Custom Matting

Our store features a professional large format computerized cutter to create mats with precise and clean cuts for single or multiple openings, word or picture cut outs, v-grooves or corner accents all to add a unique touch to your project.

Dan will help you select matting to personalize your piece from our large selection of mat colors and textures with endless design possibilities. Mat opening are made with a beveled edge to give a crisp white edge. No yellowing on our mats, we use only archival mats. Large selection of mat colors and textures (examples: suede, rice paper, leather) are available. Ultimately it is your decision and budget that will make the final section. And your happiness is guaranteed.


Computerized cutting system with endless possibilities.

The Valiani, professional computerized mat cutter, is equipped to handle square, circle, rectangular, and oval openings as well as oversized pieces. We utilize only archival mat board to ensure the preservation of your art.
With the Valiani, presion cuts and creative designs are limitless.

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