Photography Services

We have over 35 years of professional photography experience and can offer you several photographic services from taking professional pictures of you or your event, restoring old photos and printing a special version of your favorite image on a long lasting exclusive looking surface.

Custom Printing Services

Because we are trained photographers, we are experienced at printing photographs. Your image can be custom printed onsite. The highest care is given to every print whether it is a 4x6 or 44x100. The image will be optimally processed to get the best quality possible. Restoration services are available, but simple enhancements are commonly done at no additional charge. A variety of paper options are available to compliment the medium. Once printed, the image can be professionally finished with archived matting and framing materials.

Large BANNERS, posters or stickers can be printed onsite on our 44 inch wide professioanl roll printer. We can also make oversides backgrounds, flags and stand-up displays providing highly professional marketing materials for your next event or store opening.

Copying and Restoring Photos
Photos don’t last forever. As the years go by, deterioration sets in, leaving us with boxes full of old, damaged photos with faded ink, tattered edges, and even some scratches and stains here and there. Bring your treasured photos to us and we digitize and restore them professionally using long lasting materials. If you wish, ask about using our fine art paper for a rich classic appearance.

Transfers of home movies into digital format
With our inhouse equipment, we can turn all of your home movies and photos into a digital format so they can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed on every modern device.
Film or tape, we can convert it and preserve your special memories onto CDs or your external hard drives.

Do-it-yourselfer Services

If you are working on a project and just need a mat or glass, or maybe you need help securing the art to the frame, we are happy to educate and help you with that as well.


Taking, Restoring. Printing

Taking Pictures:

Dan and Sandy each have over 35 years of experience photographing events.


Large fromat printing up to 44" wide and 100' long. Ask about the many paper options, banners, posters.

Copying and Restoring Photos:

Bring your treasured photos to Treasured Memories where they will be professionally restored better than new. Ask about using our fine art paper for a rich classic appearance.

Selling Cameras and Accessories:

Dan can provide advice and sales on cameras and accessories. He provides photo tour opportunties and instructional classes.


Film or tape, we can convert your home movies to DVD or preserve your photo memories onto CDs.