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Personalized Gifts

Photo Gifting is Hot...and Why Not?

Customers are looking for new ways to showcase their favorite digital photographs and sublimation is the perfect high-value decorating technology to do just that.

At Treasured Memories your gifts are made before your eyes. No longer do you have to rely on online ordering and shipping services. We take the guesswork and stress of the unknown away. Products are made onsite. You have the option to give your input and make suggestions. you will even see a mockup and when appropriate even a real sample. 

We can combine your favorite photographs with fun graphics and text to create beautiful products that are ideal for any special occasion!


Take a look at the samples below and stop into the store to view hundreds of product options.

12x12 Puzzle12x12 Puzzle

Multi-piece PuzzleMulti-piece Puzzle

Keepsake BoxKeepsake Box


Can KoozieCan Koozie

Phone CasePhone Case

Slate PhotoSlate Photo

Mouse PadMouse Pad

Wine BoxWine Box

Wine KoozieWine Koozie

Pencil HolderPencil Holder


Serving TrayServing Tray

Car FlagCar Flag

Glass Cutting BoardGlass Cutting Board

Tray, Mug, and Coaster SetTray, Mug, and Coaster Set

Photo Panel with EaselPhoto Panel with Easel

Exclusive Rodeo DesignExclusive Rodeo Design

Exclusive Yellowstone DesignExclusive Yellowstone Design

Shirt Decorating

In store, Fundraising, Onsite Events

It is best to inquire in person so you can properly be educated on the many options so the proper product and best pricing can be determined for your idea, event, budget, timeline, and desired outcome. So don't search alone with the internet, Sandy is here to help.

Please don't waste time with multiple online sources and hastily buy a product. This time could have been well utilized with the professional that could give you the pros and cons and the decorative method. Many times people bring me products only to learn we cannot bring their idea to reality because of a product does not lend itself to the desired decoration method.

Decal Options

We have many sources for premade decals and we can make custom decals. We encourage you to come in to be educated on the many options. 

Custom Requests Available

Are you a designer? Make your design into a DECAl. Call for quantities and pricing. Or feed us your ideas and we can provide mock-up.

Other Decal Options

Check Out DECAL Options Here

Shirt Samples

Treasured Memories has creative designs ready to put on a shirt of your choice. It's easy, pick a decal, pick a color shirt to look good with your decal and choose the size that fits you best. Treasured Memories carries youth through 5x.

CALL to get assistance and the highest quality service (307) 587 4832 or email:

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This area is coming soon.

Custom Printing Services

Because we are trained photographers, we are experienced at printing photographs. Your image can be custom printed onsite. The highest care is given to every print whether it is a 4x6 or 44x100. The image will be optimally processed to get the best quality possible. Restoration services are available, but simple enhancements are commonly done at no additional charge. A variety of paper options are available to complement the medium. Once printed, the image can be professionally finished with archived matting and framing materials.

Large BANNERS, posters or stickers can be printed onsite on our 44-inch wide professional roll printer. We can also make oversides backgrounds, flags and stand-up displays providing highly professional marketing materials for your next event or store opening.

Copying and Restoring Photos

Photos don’t last forever. As the years go by, deterioration sets in, leaving us with boxes full of old, damaged photos with faded ink, tattered edges, and even some scratches and stains here and there. Bring your treasured photos to us and we digitize and restore them professionally using long-lasting materials. Ask about using our variety of paper selections including fine art paper for a rich classic appearance. Once scanned, pictures can then be put on our personalized gifts like slate, aluminum, wood and tiles and so much more. Check out our Personalised Gifts category for more information.

Transfer Home Movies into Digital Format

With our in-house equipment, we can turn all of your home movies and photos into a digital format so they can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed on every modern device.
Film or tape, we can convert it and preserve your special memories onto DVDs or external hard drives.

NOW OFFERING Cassettes Audio Tapes to CDs

We often were requested to transfer cassette tapes to CDs, especially audio of loved ones that had passed on. We acquired in-house equipment so this service can be done safely inhouse without costly send out service and delay.

Do-It-Yourself Services

If you are working on a project and just need some assistance getting the right supply or piece of your project completed, come discuss with the professions.